Artifact Xchange

Plaster of Sir Isaac Newton's face after his death.I am intensely fascinated by magical artifacts. I’ve dabbled in making my own with what I believe is limited success, but I’ve never had the chance to have others test and document my creations. That is where the Artifact Xchange comes in.

The Artifact Xchange is where enchanters can have their wares tested and documented by other like minded individuals.

How it works

1) Email me or leave a comment with your email address and designate if you would like to test magical artifacts, make magical artifacts or both.

*Note – odds are that there are going to be more testers then enchanters. What does that mean for you testers … well, it means you should go create an artifact and have someone test it!*

2) For enchanters, I will email you a form that you will need to fill out. The form will ask for a full description of the artifact(s) you want tested along with pictures. Once the artifacts have been logged I will match it with a tester.

Testers need to email me their shipping address so they can receive artifacts to test.

3) Enchanters will be given shipping instructions. Enchanters should include a brief description of the artifact, a general layout of how it works and what it should do for the tester in the shipment.

*Note – Cursed objects are permitted so long as they are not deadly or create bodily harm!For example, a ring that causes it’s wear to loose their car keys is permissible but a necklace that causes a nose bleeds is not. The rule of thumb is if the artifact can in anyway make a tester proclaim, “Ouch!” or, “I don’t feel so good!” (physical harm) then it is not allowed for testing. If you are a tester and wish to test cursed artifacts please denote it in your original post or email.*

4) Testers will receive a set of instructions on how to test the artifact. First they should test the artifact in the specified manner. Once the first round of testing is complete testers should “think outside the box” and test the object in unspecified ways. For instance, if an enchanter made a statue to protect one’s home would it also protect a person’s office or car?

Testers are required to keep a detailed report of how they tested the object and any anomalies that occurred during testing. The more detailed the report the better.

5) Testing should last 1-2 weeks. Once testing is complete the artifact and report should be sent back for review.


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