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“Just write,” is what I keep telling myself. Like most solo practitioners, I’m intensely guarded about my practice. It’s understandably so, especially where religion’s intolerant beliefs are interwoven into the very identifying fabric of a practitioners culture.

At a certain point though, running solo becomes tedious. Quality information and discussion is hard to come by. After years of searching, I’ve still not found information about the type of magic I practice.

Which drives home the point of this blog. I have a different sense of magic that I want to bring to the world, and if others have similar ideas to mine then I am hoping to find those people.  I also feel the need to start giving back to the magical community. I’ve spent countless hours siphoning off other’s hard work without much regard, which at the time suited my needs. Now it is high time I give back.

In the end, I’m hoping that you will find the information contained within these posts useful. With any luck you will have the urge to discuss your feelings, ideas or disagreements with myself and others who might post to this site.

A little about my practice: I take a non-deific approach to magic, that is measurable and tangible. If one’s intent is to manipulate a specific thread of reality through magic then the outcome needs to be seen and measured for results. I’m not into the New Age movement nor do I subscribe to the tenants of any system of magic such as Wiccanism, Satanism or Jewish Mysticism. I find the rigidity and dogma of most systems to be off-putting.

An important fact about myself: I’m heavily dyslexic. My dyslexia has no doubt been the genius behind many o-spell, but what it hasn’t helped me with is actual spelling! (Get it?!? Spell…Spelling? It also hasn’t helped with my humor…) If you notice any of my more imaginative ways of butchering the English language, please, help a brother out and let me know of my latest blunder.

What you can expect to find on this site: I feel that many sites on magic tend to pack a lot of filler but no actual meat! Finding sites that discuss practical application that isn’t some strange mut of the Key of Solomon is hard to come by. Instead, I intend to write about common and some not so common practices that people can do to help develop their magical prowess.

I also intend to talk about my adventures through Magic-Land! Most sites refuse to do this. I feel it’s in fear of being labeled insane or stupid. Either way, it’s something that I find missing in many sites. Some of my experiences might sound weird, crazy or grandiose but for the most part I believe they will be tame. You can also expect to find discussions on Theoretical Magic. There is nothing “I love me more” than a good brainstorm on a random tidbit of knowledge and then trying to spin that tidbit into a piece magic.

So, thank you for visiting and reading. I sincerely hope a small piece of this site will help flush your magical practice out.



2 comments on “About

  1. Do you have any idea why most solo practitioners (myself included) are so paranoid and defensive about talking about their magical practices. I have a few ideas, but it might be nice to compare notes so to speak, for instance I think that
    -Since there is so little interaction with others, what interaction there is, is often over the internet. They then (and again by they I am including myself) lose their belief in the common decency of other practitioners to not take that knowledge, improve on it, and then screw them over just for kicks. Or even, as you said, to relentlessly mock them as insane because of their beliefs and experiences.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for commenting. To a certain extent I agree with you. I really think that one glaring issue would be the lack common scholarly pursuit. Most of what you find is rather subjective, poorly thought out and mostly a rip off of someone else’s shoddy work! As well, society at large views studying esoteric subjects as a waste of time because: a) they don’t see a value in it’s pursuit and b) they can’t figure out it’s contribution to society. The relentless mockery, I believe, comes from this…the idea that anyone that endeavors in the esoteric are pursuing something petty and are thus below the common person. I also believe that it comes from fear. Even when the mockery is persistent due to the last sentence, some Jurassic part of the mocker’s brain kicks in and believes that you can and will cause harm to them via a spell or curse if not on a subconscious level.

      As for the Magical community at large, well, lets face it, we’re fucking nuts! I’m currently trying to test theories on increasing the temperature in a specific area using my body as a conduit for the needed energy. WHO DOES THIS?!? We talk to the dead, we talk to the gods, we try to influence events around us and we try to control reality with our brains! But more importantly, if you apply the lack of scholarship to the community, it’s no wonder why there are so many issues when it comes to meeting people in the community. People’s reasons for going to the occult side are numerous. Some want to find ways to heal and work with others while some want to find ways to control and dominate others. It’s a mixed bag and like Gump said, “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

      That being said, I’ve recently meet with Mike Sententia at MagickOfThought.com and he is a stand up guy with a great approach to magic.

      Anyways, that’s my two cents. Good luck Andrew with meeting folks, and for the record… Nice to meet ya!


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