Momentary Lapse

So my scheduled Sunday review and other posts have been delayed. My wife gave birth to our son and last week and has put a small damper on writting. So Howrah for a my new son, Boo for sleep dep and stay tuned for posts coming up this week


3 comments on “Momentary Lapse

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your son. I hope that you manage to get some sleep over the next six months. It gets better, eventually and every moment is magical if you savor it.

    • This is my second child. Thankfully my wife and I have an uncanny ability to communicate and support each other. Not getting much sleep but could be worse. It is a completely magical experience. I take it you have a child(ren) of your own.

      • Yes, we have 2 as well. My wife deals with lack of sleep much better than me. Somehow going from 1 to 2 was harder than I anticipated, mostly as the firstborn continues to get most of the attention, it’s something that we’re working on . The other thing I try to keep on top of is that the second gets as many photos and videos as the first.

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