Scientific Magic?

Lately, I’ve read many posts where people complain that magic doesn’t receive respect from the scientific/scholastic community. In fact it seems to be sore spot among many practitioners. Further more, it’s implied that not only does magic fail to gain respect but there is little or no scholarly work being done in the pursuit of magic.

The odd bit is these sentiments are actually quit far from the truth. There are plenty of scholarly papers and research on magic, its practice and its history. Most of these papers are from a sociological, anthropological, psychological and philosophical point of view and publications in the hard science use other terms then magic.

Starting every Sunday, I’m going to blog about a peer reviewed publications on the topic of magic. I will present the publication, it’s main points and what its conclusions are. I will also try to engage the author of the publication to post comments and allow me to distribute the article via I At The Gates (If I can’t get permission to distribute the article I will reference it;s link and how you can obtain a copy) . It is my hope that the community of magic practitioners will see that there is plenty of research and discussion happening on the subject we love so much.

As well, in my blog roll there are several links to the scholarly pursuit of magic, esoteric traditions and occult philosophies. Please check them out. You might be surprised at how many people are pursuing the same ideas you are in a scholastic and scientific format!



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