Back from the Dead

So I’ve been gone for some time now. I’ve been off playing in the sandbox and didn’t know how to write about what I was doing.

Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot and decided to start blogging about my experiments and their successes/failures.

I just started experimenting with Psi-Wheels. I’ve been extremely interested in magic that creates visible, noticeable and immediate change in our environments.  So far I’m on day two of testing and results are good.

To start I constructed a simple Psi-wheel. The intent was to make the wheel move with my mind.

So my hypothesis is: I can make a Psi-Wheel turn in any direction using psychokinetic abilities. I’m defining turn as the wheel’s ability to complete full revolutions.

The biggest obstetrical is finding an environment that has neutral air patterns. So far the only way to test for that is to monitor the wheel for several minutes and make sure nothing disturbs its resting state.

On day 2 of testing results are interesting. I’ve managed to nudge the wheel in the intended direction about a quarter of a revolution several of times. The interesting bit is the physical sensations I had with the successful attempts. There was a distinct moment when I felt energy surge and release. I guess that’s the best way I can describe it. Also interesting is that I’m suffering from a mild side effect. I seem to have a developed a mild throbbing in the sides of my head. Almost a headache but not quite strong enough to be distracting. After some reading and research, others who have done similar tests have noted that they have suffered the same types of pain and compare it to working out.  It will be interesting to see if the throbbing gets worse or goes away.

I also seem to know when I just can’t proceed with trying to move the wheel anymore. It’s like that metaphorical muscle completely sapped. After a bit of rest I try again and tap out much sooner then when I first started. It almost feels like a workout regiment.

More data to come as collected.



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