Expanding your mind’s power

Photo by Cynergist

Photo by Cynergist

In my time I’ve developed certain exercises to help better develop my magical abilities. These exercises are akin to a musician playing the scale or playing strings of arbitrary notes. The practice won’t help them learn a new song, but it will make their song playing abilities that much better. These types of exercises are the foundation of my practice, and I hope you find use in them.

Exercise #1 : The Single Thought Exercise

This exercise is simple in theory but difficult in practice.

Objective: Think about a single concept for as long as you can without interuption.

Step 1: Clear your mind and achieve a state of no-thought. Once your brain is completely empty inject a single idea. At first make it simple. Think about a finite straight line or an empty square. How long can you hold the thought before other thoughts work their way in? If you can hold the thought for 10 seconds then do it again and work for 11 seconds.

Do step 1 for 5-10 minutes a day until you can think about a single simple concept for 2-5 minutes without interruption.

Step 2: Once you can hold a single thought for longer then 2 minutes start working on more complicated concepts. As well, assimilate simple concepts into your modes of perception. For instance, if you are thinking about a straight line then what would it sound like? What color would it be or what would it feel like? When thinking of concepts based on our senses, try and isolate each sense and think about it as long as possible.

Complete step 2 for 5-10 minutes a day.

Exercise #2: Changing Your Handwriting

Objective: Change the way your handwriting looks.

Step 1: Pick a commonly used letter (avoid x, z and q) and examine the way you write it.

Step 2: Figure out how you can write the letter differently. For instance, make the letter neater or wider for clarity.

Step 3: Once you have decided on the change always write the letter in the new fashion.

This is going to be harder then it seems. At first you will forget to make the changes to your letter because you have hardwired yourself to write that letter in it’s original way. Keep at it until you write the letter the new way 95% of the time. Once you achieve that pick another letter to change.

Exercise #3: The Emotion Game

Objective: Change your emotional state in minutes

Step 1: Find a quiet place to sit and obtain a neutral emotional state. Once you find yourself in a state of ambivalence pick an emotion that you easily relate with. Once you have chosen the emotion make yourself that emotion. If it’s happy, then make yourself so happy that you practically pee your pants. If it’s angry then get so angry that you want to break something.

At first you might need a concept to get you to the desired emotional state. For instance, if you hate politicians then you can use the thought of them to get yourself very angry.

Word of warning, do this when you are alone. Nothing is harder to explain then why you are on the floor crying in utter despair! Trust me….

Step 2: Once you have gotten into the emotional state of choosing stay in it for several minutes, then bring yourself back to neutral. To bring yourself to neutral simply sit still and breathe deep and slow.

Step 3: Once you are successful in getting in and out of one emotional state, try working on other emotions. Also, when you become proficient with a specific emotion try getting in and out of the emotional state as fast as you can and do it without using conceptual cues.


Start working on these three exercises. Try working on them everyday for 10 minutes. I would love to hear from you if it did or didn’t help your magic workings. There are more exercises I do which I will post soon.

Good luck!