Introduction to Meditation: Finding the Void Between Thoughts

Note: This entry is for people that are looking for new ways or are having trouble with meditating and or achieving  states of no thought.

In my magical practice being able to instanty enter a meditative state is important. It makes spell casting and energy work all that much easier and time efficent. With the system I use you can easily enter into a meditative state within one to two breaths and maintain it for hours. It takes practice but with time I believe the techniques I will show you can greatly help and or enhance your magical work. Lets begin!

First, focus your awareness on your thoughts. What are you thinking about? How many separate thoughts are you having in a minute’s time span? Is your inner voice speaking in these thoughts? As you literally ponder your ponderings, start searching for where one thought ends and next thought begins. Can you sense it?

In between each thought there is a moment of no thought. Think of it as a break point between two differing thoughts. That break between thoughts is what I call the Void. That moment of Void might be as brief as a nanosecond, but it’s there. Once you can notice, on a regular basis, the moments where your thoughts end and begin, close your eyes.

With your eyes closed track your thoughts. When your next thought ends take a deep slow breath in and try to expand that break  between your last thought and the new incoming thought. Try to make that Void as wide as possible. There should be no thoughts or internal voice in the Void. Then exhale slowly, let the gap close and resume your normal thinking pattern. Repeat during your next inhale.

In the beginning you might find that you make a small gap in your thoughts only to have them flood back in less than a hundredth of a second later. This is completely normal. It just means that you can expand the distance between thoughts for a second or less. When that happens, don’t get frustrated, just find the next Void during the same inhale and repeat the process until you exhale. Every time try to make that gap just a little longer. Eventually, you will want to make the Void last one whole slow inhalation.

Find a time during the day that you can practice quietly for 3 to 5 minutes. Great times are right after you wake up, during your lunch break or right before you go to bed. You can do it once a day or fifteen times a day. Whatever you are comfortable with. The more you do it the easier it will be to create moments of no-thought.

Once you have mastered entering the Void for one whole inhalation, try entering the void during one full inhale and exhale. This should be much easier to accomplish. Once you can do that you can enter the Void at any point in time and maintain it for as long as you wish!

For now get a handle of entering the void and sustaining it. I will soon create a post that will talk about how to introduce energy into the void to begin spell work.

Good Luck!


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