A Treatie on Spirit Guides

Today I wish to discuss spirit guides….

There seems to be a prevalent idea that every person has a spirit guide in some form or another, but I tend to disagree with this convention.

Let me take you down my path of logic and experience. For starters, sometime ago, someone insisted that we where at the center of the universe and more importantly, creation! All “shnarkisms” aside, we know how that story goes, but it is a prime example to this discussion. Time and again we find that our beliefs, rituals and desires become extremely egocentric.

The idea that every person has a spirit guide seems indulgent; as indulgent as the idea that the earth is the center of the universe. Questions arise that seem to contradict the premise of this belief.

For instance, are spirit guides devoid of free will? Can they choose to be your spirit guide or are they controlled to protect and guide you? If they are being controlled who is controlling them? Are we or our life force somehow forcing them to watch and protect us?

And if they do have free will, then eight plus billion spirit guides decided they would attach themselves to eight plus billion people!  (On a side, do extraterrestrial beings have spirit guides as well? Could their spirit guides be human spirits?!?). Unless, we have somehow enslaved the spirits before we incarnated! Wow, that would mean we are all slave owners in the spirit world! Whatever happened to equality and justice for all spirit kind?

Another question arises, why guide us in the first place. Do the spirits have nothing better to do then to protect and watch over us mere mortals? How utterly boring, not to mention short sighted of us humans.

There are so many inconsistencies that run through my head with this prevailing belief but one question trumps all the others. Why the need to have a spirit guide in the first place? What significance does saying “Everyone has a spirit guide” play. In my experience there are two major answers though others exist.

For starters, I find that the notion seems to come more out of fear than out of truth. It “feels” safer to traverse the plains of existence knowing that we are constantly being protected by our guide. In essence, a spirit guide is to safe travels as a car air bag is to personal safety.

In my experience , it’s no different then hearing that god watches over all creation and protects all his flock…Then some poor child gets hit by a car and is a paraplegic for life. Was that child’s spirit guide taking a smoke break? Believers of personal spirit guides argue this point almost (dare I say it) religiously. I’ve heard all sorts of arguments but most digress to, “that isn’t how spirit guides watch and protect over a person”. Again these arguments seem akin to, “God works in mysterious ways.”

In addition to fear I find that there is a certain amount of self need to have a spirit guide. There is a notion of self importance that exists. We as individuals feel special knowing that there is a direct connection to our spirit guide. The belief though ranks fowl with self-importance.

The idea that spirit guides are around at our beck and call because it is their duty is outrageous. Just as outrageous that we are god’s most beloved entity it has created! Human beings inalienable propencity for self importance is emance!

It is my belief that we are really alone. It’s possible to find a spirit that is willing to guide us, but we are not constantly guided by a spirit guide. It is a matter of choice on both our and the spirits part. During your work, or astral travels, you can ask a spirit to guide you and spirit might answer your request. It could also try and attack you. The waters are not always safe, but when is anything safe?


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